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This is a summary of the changes in VDR 2.6.0 since the last stable version 2.4.0. It only contains things that are of actual importance to the user and doesn't mention the many fixes and improvements that have been made "behind the scenes". See the file HISTORY that comes with the VDR source for a detailed list of all changes.


  • Implemented "Pattern Timers" (see MANUAL, vdr.1 and vdr.5 for details).
  • The margins for timer recordings are now always limited to the duration of the previous and next event.
  • Spawned timers that don't use VPS now automatically adjust their start/stop times to changes in the respective event's times.
  • Events in the past are no longer marked as having a timer in the Schedules menu.
  • Improved handling EPG data from the EIT tables:
    • Table 0x4F is now completely ignored.
    • Once a schedule has seen events from 0x5X, tables 0x6X are ignored for that schedule.
    • When looking up an event in its schedule, the start time is used for tables 0x6X, and the event id for tables 0x4E and 0x5X.
    • When hashing events by event id or start time, existing older entries in the hash tables are now deleted before entering the new ones.
    • The function cSchedule::GetEvent() is now deprecated and may be removed in a future version. Use GetEventById() and GetEventByTime() instead.
    • On channels that use proper event ids a change of the start time no longer causes a new event to be created, but rather modifies the existing one. This avoids possible interruptions in VPS recordings in case the event's start time is changed while the recording is already going on.
  • Fixed the timer indicator in the Schedule menu in case an event is already over, but the timer is still recording.
  • Fixed unlocking vs. call to EpgHandlers.EndSegmentTransfer().
  • Increased the number of possible modulation systems in cDevice::GetDevice().
  • Improved cSectionSyncer to make sure that no sections are missed, and to allow handling partially used segments (as in the EIT) and processing sections in random order. Segment syncing is now done with the two member functions Check() and Processed(). The old functions Sync() and Repeat() are deprecated and may be removed in a future version. See the comments in filter.h for a description on how to use these new function.
  • Added a device hook for detecting whether a device provides EIT data.
  • Made the functions cRecordingInfo::SetData() and cRecordingInfo::SetAux() public.
  • Fixed setting the 'title' of a recording's info to the recording's name if there is no info file (the change in version 1.7.28 broke the fallback to the old 'summary.vdr').
  • Added some missing user command calls for copying, renaming and moving recordings.
  • Recordings are now checked for errors:
    • On TS level, the continuity counter, transport error indicator and scramble flags are checked.
    • On frame level it is checked whether there are no gaps in the PTS.
    • The number of errors during a recording is stored in the recording's 'info' file, with the new tag 'O'.
    • Spawned timers that shall avoid recording reruns only store the recording's name in the donerecs,data file if there were no errors during recording, and if the timer has actually finished.
  • The Recordings menu now marks recordings with errors with an exclamation mark ('!'), and the number of errors (if any) is displayed in the recording's Info menu.
  • Fixed scaling subtitles with anti-aliasing.
Conditional Access
  • Decreased the scrambling timeout for CAMs known to decrypt a certain channel, so that it won't collide with MAXBROKENTIMEOUT in recorder.c.
  • The new functions cTimer::Start/StopTimeEvent() are now used in the LCARS skin to display the start/stop times of timers in the main menu.
  • The SVDRP command DELC now also accepts a channel id.
  • Added support for HEVC-video and AC-4-audio.
  • EXPIRELATENCY now only applies to VPS timers.
  • Removed the macros __STL_CONFIG_H, _STL_ALGOBASE_H and _MOVE_H from tools.h. If your plugin insists in using "using namespace std;" you can still define DISABLE_TEMPLATES_COLLIDING_WITH_STL before including any VDR header files.
  • The cFile class has been partially deprecated:
    • The handling of file handles was not thread-safe.
    • It was only actually used in svdrp.c.
    • cFile::Ready() now processes only its own file descriptor by calling FileReady() instead of AnyFileReady().
  • The transponder value of channels is now cached, because cChannel::Transponder(void) is called very often.
  • Added code for the 'qad' audio track.
  • The 'Edit path' dialog now also shows the total size of all recordings in that path.
  • The macro DEPRECATED_VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE and the related code has been removed.
  • The default for DEPRECATED_SETCURRENTCHANNEL has been set to 0, which means that the function SetCurrentChannel(const cChannel *Channel) is no longer available. You can add 'DEPRECATED_SETCURRENTCHANNEL=1' when compiling in order to restore this functionality. However, it is recommended to use SetCurrentChannel(int ChannelNumber) instead.
  • The macro DEPRECATED_GETBITMAP and the related code has been removed.
  • The default for DEPRECATED_SKIN_SETITEMEVENT has been set to 0, which means that the function cSkinDisplayMenu::SetItemEvent() without the TimerActive parameter is no longer available. You can add 'DEPRECATED_SKIN_SETITEMEVENT=1' when compiling in order to restore this functionality. However, it is recommended to use the function with the TimerActive parameter instead.
  • Now using __cplusplus instead of DISABLE_TEMPLATES_COLLIDING_WITH_STL, and using std::min(), std::max() and std::swap() if available.
  • No longer permanently looping through PMT PIDs, which caused problems with some SatIP receivers.
  • Replaced all umlauts in the example channels.conf with their ae, oe, ue substitutes to avoid problems on UTF-8 systems.
  • Added missing '0x09=H.265 video, 0x19 = AC4 audio' to vdr.5.