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This page lists people who have actually built a VDR system.

If you also have a working VDR and would like to be listed here, please send me your information. If you like, you can also send a picture of your system (please Jpeg images, no bigger than 300x200 pixel).

Jan Grell Jan Grell (VDR user #134)

Steffen Koch Steffen Koch (VDR user #10)

Johannes Schöller Johannes Schöller (VDR user #295)

Ronny Kornexl Ronny Kornexl (VDR user #44)

Mike Schwarz Mike Schwarz

Email: AltF1 at AltF1.de

Axel Gruber Axel Gruber (VDR user #82)

Dirk Wiebel Dirk Wiebel (VDR user #267)

Wolfgang Sievers Wolfgang Sievers

Email: wobisi at t-online.de

Christof Söhngen Christof Söhngen (VDR user #148)

Ulrich Gierschner Ulrich Gierschner (VDR user #122)

Uwe Freese Uwe Freese

Email: mail at uwe-freese.de

Dirk Essl Dirk Essl (VDR user #571)

Martin Lorünser Martin Lorünser (VDR user #230)

Heiko Peuker Heiko Peuker (VDR user #369)

José Marques José Marques

Email: joctavio at infopulse.pt

Thomas Heiligenmann Thomas Heiligenmann (VDR user #20)

Michael Hopf Michael Hopf

Email: m.hopf at web.de

Andreas Böttger Andreas Böttger (VDR user #96)

Claus Muus Claus Muus (VDR user #822)

Martin Bockwinkel Martin Bockwinkel (VDR user #862)

Dick Streefland Dick Streefland (VDR user #878)

Matthias Raus Matthias Raus (VDR user #113)

Markku Virtanen Markku Virtanen

Email: markku.virtanen at phpoint.fi

Michael Nausch Michael Nausch (VDR user #221)

Markus Maurer Markus Maurer (VDR user #979)

Tony Grant Tony Grant (VDR user #910)

Michael Severin Michael Severin (VDR user #714)

Marco Göbenich Marco Göbenich (VDR user #829)

István Füley István Füley (VDR user #1199)

Christian Scharff Christian Scharff (VDR user #1236)

Marcel Jueling Marcel Jueling

Romanus Caesar Romanus Caesar (VDR user #1208)

Johan Schuring Johan Schuring (VDR user #1067)

Jaelson Lima Lopes de Sá Jaelson Lima Lopes de Sá (VDR user #1453)

Jens Kulas Jens Kulas (VDR user #1824)